Helping or Hoarding?

Jeff and I both are alarmingly effective at fabricating reasons to purchase what we’ll henceforth refer to in this blog as “treasures.” Auctions of all kinds (but especially Dinkey’s), Facebook Marketplace, and that beautiful bulletin board at Rural King with deals ranging from chainsaw sharpening to pygmy goat baby sales are what trips our triggers. Of course, our definition of treasures vary slightly: his are manly, useful, hand-me-down farm equipment and mine are antique, rusty knick knacks—the rustier the better.  

Jeff uses the treasures he finds. He has a knack for making things work. The man is mechanically inclined, and, as my Papaw says, “handy as a pocket on a shirt.” He turns his buys into true assets for our farm and family. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my treasures. Aside from being pretty and usually old, mine have largely taken up space and collected dust. Until… we built a wedding venue.  

I can now market my many lanterns, old windows, antique dough bowls, milk glass and galvanized fruit baskets as wedding decor! Hallelujah, my vice has been legitimized! It really is a win for everyone: I live my best life and collect treasures, Jeff doesn’t judge me because he understands me, and our guests get to use any treasures they want on their special day! Win. Win. Win.

Since so many guests have told us how much they love being able to use our “decor” (sounds better than “hoard”), I now feel obligated to get more. A vicious circle. Lately I’ve found myself wanting to be more useful to future guests by really focusing on what they might need or want. Perhaps they don’t want an old pitch fork. Why? I’ll never know. But what exactly do they want? Well, leave it to fate to set me straight.

My dear mother is hosting an event at the farm for a former co-worker and confidant’s 90th Birthday Party. During a party planning meeting, she sent me a text and asked if we had a map to the farm to add to the party invitation packet. See? Fate.  

I told her that I, in fact, did not have a map, but all she needed to do was to ask and she would receive. Ugly Mapquest or Google directions would never do for the sweet gentleman’s party! I had to turn to Etsy for something handcrafted. Lo and behold, with a few strokes of my keyboard, I found Eliza Jane Studio, makers of the cutest maps ever.  

The rest is history. I ordered a map to add to our collection of treasures. It has some adorable Bloomington hot spots and simple directions to our farm. You can find the final version below. Please feel free to use it for your celebration, and please let me know that you did so my hoarding of fine arts can be validated.  

We get such pleasure out of collecting treasures and doing all we can for our guests on their big day.  We’re hoping that the two goals coincide and provide a little extra value or a little something special. But you be the judge: are we helpful or hoarders?

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What Else is Happening at the Farm

In case you missed the article Mary Shown wrote about our farm for the Herald Times back in December, please click on the article below to open a PDF version! For more information on Whippoorwill Hill or booking your event, please call or email us at (812) 327-4218 or anne@whippoorwill-hill.com.
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