Lights! (Camera and Action Forthcoming)

During the barn reconstruction at Whippoorwill Hill, we noticed that there was no horizontal beam in the center of the barn that would be well-suited for installing a lighting focal point. Upon our request, Indiana Barns installed, leveled, and secured an additional reclaimed 8”x8” hardwood beam specifically for a chandelier in the centermost and highest point in the structure.

We figured that a barn of this stature and antiquity deserves a focal point that is equally understated and epic; something that wouldn’t take away from the barn’s architecture but that could hold its own in style and size. After looking at an unreasonable number of chandeliers online, we fell in love with a 64” rustic two-tiered iron chandelier with 56 filament bulbs from Restoration Hardware (RH). That chandelier would mimic the style and material we had planned for the hand rails on the three stair cases and around the loft: wrought iron.

Once that decision was made, a very large (6’x 6’ x 4”) RH box sat against a wall in our cabin for nearly three months. Then, as soon as the barn’s walls and roof were complete, that cumbersome box made its way to the barn floor where it was a dust-collecting trip hazard for another three months. One could argue that the purchase of the chandelier in that box was a bit premature. But the contents within have been a beacon of light (no pun intended) during a long construction process, so we couldn’t help but keep it close by, hoping that the presence of lavish electrical fixtures would expedite the other less glamorous steps in the barn erecting process.

Finally, a few weeks ago, Brad Friley and his team of electricians arrived at the farm and mounted the 400 amp panel, ran the armored electrical wire to multiple dedicated outlets, and mounted the chandelier. The chandelier required multiple hours, two people, and a lift to install it. When those bulbs go out, it will take all of Jeff’s ingenuity (and Slate’s and my moral support) to change them out. Thank goodness he is handy.

Duke Electric will be out in the coming days to remove the temporary electric service, bury the lines to the barn, and officially hook the barn up. One more step in the process to officially opening!

More and more couples continue to come to the farm to see the progress and reserve dates for their weddings. The first wedding of WH’s first season will be August 26th; however, we plan to open to the public before then. Stay tuned for your personal invitation (which may or may not include mouth-watering free food) to the farm!

For more information on Whippoorwill Hill or booking your event, please call or email us at (812) 327-4218 or anne@whippoorwill-hill.com.

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