Momma Always Said

My momma always said, “better late than never.” Let’s hope your momma said that too, because by all blogging standards we are failing miserably at keeping you, our loyal readers, up to date with what is going on with our farm on a regular basis. For that we are sorry and will do better!

We left you with our last update on March 28th entitled Lights! (Camera and Action Forthcoming) about our main chandelier, installation of a few other electrical components, and finally, a tantalizing cliffhanger about free food at our Open Farm! In this issue, we’d like to quickly update you on progress at Whippoorwill Hill and extend your informal invitation to our Open Farm, September 23rd.

We are in our final push to get the barn ready for our weddings this fall. The changes are coming at a more rapid rate now, and we are blown away each time we walk into the barn. We can’t help but reminisce on what our barn looked like the first time we set foot in it in Shelbyville last July.

The pine loft flooring has been installed over the steel I-beams and substantial rough-sawn joists. The three stair cases have been framed out with reclaimed timbers from another historic barn and finished with four inch thick black oak risers and treads. The lighting continues to improve with awesome hand blown glass pendant lights above the staircases and Pottery Barn sconces around the loft, framing many of our beams. The beautifully crafted black guardrails and handrails around the loft and stairs have been installed and have transformed the look of the structure from hay storage to safe, chic event venue.

The grounds have continued to evolve with a beautiful crop of soybeans framing and crowding our meandering driveway, a multitude of dead trees removed and mulched by Bluestone Tree making a much more welcoming backdrop, concrete added outside the new barn for additional gathering space, and flowers planted in many old, more tidy, fence rows.

We have been searching for an opportunity to invite the local community to our farm to share the history of the farm, the craftsmanship of our partners in this endeavor, and also to thank our friends, family, and followers for supporting us in this journey so far. So, please mark September 23rd on your calendars. If you are reading this, you are invited to come celebrate one of many milestones at Whippoorwill Hill—our opening.

For more information on Whippoorwill Hill or booking your event, please call or email us at (812) 327-4218 or anne@whippoorwill-hill.com.


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