Rustic Nuptials

In case you missed the article Mary Shown wrote about our farm for the Herald Times back in December, please click on the article below to open a PDF version!

For more information on Whippoorwill Hill or booking your event, please call or email us at (812) 327-4218 or anne@whippoorwill-hill.com.

What Else is Happening at the Farm

We have very limited experience in this realm, but it turns out that when you receive an award—especially one you weren’t expecting—you spend some time reflecting on how it all came to be. Reflecting and counting our blessings are the two main things Jeff and I have done since we were notified about our upcoming... View Article
Jeff and I both are alarmingly effective at fabricating reasons to purchase what we’ll henceforth refer to in this blog as “treasures.” Auctions of all kinds (but especially Dinkey’s), Facebook Marketplace, and that beautiful bulletin board at Rural King with deals ranging from chainsaw sharpening to pygmy goat baby sales are what trips our triggers.... View Article