You Get What You Give

We already have a blog entitled, “Momma Always Said” so this one will don the title of one of her little quotes. My Momma always said, “you get what you give, little girl.” Now, on to one of the many moments when I realized, once again, that Momma’s always right.

You know those little league plaques that businesses have displayed in prominent places in their offices? Some older business have something like a decade of the same plaques with little faces wearing the same brightly colored t-shirt where the only thing that seems to change from photo to photo is the year at the bottom and the patina of the photograph. From legal firms to trash disposal companies, from dentist offices to landscaping crews and everything in between, businesses have these plaques lining very prominent, outward facing walls. I never fully understood it. Don’t get me wrong, the kiddos were always cute and the coaches always seemed happy, but I didn’t get why something akin to a little league trophy was displayed in sometimes very professional spaces. It sounds terrible to say this, but I figured it was solely a public relations/marketing effort to show the company’s philanthropic tendencies. Of course, I never considered the pride the owners and employees of those organizations had in those teams and, by extension, those little photographs hanging on their walls.

Then, Slate, our adorable six-year-old, was drafted for the Smithville Diamonds’ seven and eight-year-old little league team, the Dodgers. As a new business, we thought sponsoring a team would be a great way to get our business name out in the community and a way to support our son’s extracurricular activities.

Fast forward a few weeks and Slate comes home in a Dodgers Jersey with “Whippoorwill Hill” above a #1 on his back. He was so proud of his hat, his shirt, and his new team. After that, we spent a lot of time in that jersey and hat on non-game days.

Then, the first of many games came, and we got to witness eleven little boys learn and grow while engaging in America’s National Pastime. We witnessed them make new friends. We witnessed their successes and failures while practicing grace and sportsmanship. We got to witness eleven kiddos running around with our family business’ name on their back, and we even got to hear a few of them try to pronounce it. We got to feel like we were a little part of their little league experience.

Finally, at our last game, the coach of the Dodgers handed Jeff and I the infamous plaque, and I finally understood the plaques on all those business owners’ walls.

So, in the end, Momma was right again. You get {a whole lot more than} what you give.

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