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Whippoorwill Hill is a breath-taking historic farm six miles from the heart of Downtown Bloomington, Indiana. The farm is completely secluded, sits on 130 rolling acres, and boasts two barns and one farmhouse built prior to 1900. The farm and venue are both family owned and operated. Whippoorwill Hill is the perfect combination of a tidy working farm, historic landmark, and chic event space owned, maintained and operated by people who genuinely care about you and your event.


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Our specialty. We want our farm to be the most romantic and memorable space for our guests and work hard to make that happen.


Bloomington's barn market venue. Currently focusing on the annual Harvest Market hosted the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.

Special Events

From birthdays to graduations, formals and corporate events - slow down and celebrate the seasons of life at the farm.



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Update: Summer 2018

2018 has been a big year for Whippoorwill Hill. The inaugural event kicked off last September, and after a few wonderful 2017 weddings and events, a cold winter, and a slow spring that allowed us to enjoy about three full weeks of daffodils, our first “busy season” is in full swing. What we love about… View Article

Published 08/09/2018

You Get What You Give

We already have a blog entitled, “Momma Always Said” so this one will don the title of one of her little quotes. My Momma always said, “you get what you give, little girl.” Now, on to one of the many moments when I realized, once again, that Momma’s always right. You know those little league… View Article

Published 06/25/2018

Helping or Hoarding?

Jeff and I both are alarmingly effective at fabricating reasons to purchase what we’ll henceforth refer to in this blog as “treasures.” Auctions of all kinds (but especially Dinkey’s), Facebook Marketplace, and that beautiful bulletin board at Rural King with deals ranging from chainsaw sharpening to pygmy goat baby sales are what trips our triggers…. View Article

Published 05/05/2018


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