Frequently Asked Questions


What animals are on the farm?

We have a herd of beef cattle, some chickens, a donkey and a pony!  They are all very nice and the pony and donkey love treats from kiddos!

Is the farm on the National Register of Historic Places?

Yes it is!  The farm was officially listed on the national register in December of 2020.  The 1822 cabin and the red (double crib barn) and many of the outbuildings make up one of the few historic districts in Monroe County.

Does the wedding barn have Wifi?

Yes!  We are proud to report that we have a fiber optic connection to the barn and have blazing fast wifi.  There is a password protected guest network.  While at the barn, please ask our event managers for the password to leverage the internet connection.

Can we include our dog or horse in the wedding?

Yes, we would love for all members of your family (furry or not) to be included in your big day.  Let’s just talk about the details and logistics of keeping your furry friends safe and happy during the event!

Do you have exclusive contracts for any vendors?

We do not have exclusive contracts for any vendors. We want your special day to be exactly what you want. If you need help finding a quality vendor, please check out our Preferred Vendors Document. That document shares vendors that we have worked with that we believe do a fabulous job!

On the day of the event, can we walk around the entire farm?

Under no circumstances should a guest open a gate or cross a fence during an event. WH strictly prohibits access to all areas of the farm without prior consent.  Guests are welcome to walk around the areas of the farm that are not fenced.  Please be respectful of our crops, if they are up, and do not walk through them.

What parts of the farm are we able to utilize during the rental?

There are about 6 acres where the farmhouse, wedding barn, historic barn, natural spring, axillary structures, and parking lots are located. Those 6 acres are the most common place for guests to use for gatherings. Ceremonies and receptions can certainly be set up in different configurations, or in different areas on the farm with approval from WH staff.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed in or around the farm buildings. There is a designated smoking area near the wedding barn that is the only place on the farm where smoking is allowable. This rule will be strictly enforced. For the safety of our historic barns, WH reserves the right to ask smokers to leave if they are not following this policy.   WH also will utilize the security deposit to remove butts from the property or repair any damage caused by smoking outside of the designated smoking area.

What if the venue is damaged during our rental?

The client is responsible for any and all damage to the event space or adjacent property. In most cases, the $500 deposit will cover the damage. In instances that it does not, WH will work with the customer to have the damaged property repaired.

What do we have to do at the end of the night before we leave?

The expectation is that the barn will be in the same state you received it.  All personal belongings, decor, lighting, and outside rental items must be packed up and removed from the property.  All trash must be gathered and placed in the on site dumpster.  WH tables, chairs, and other barn-owned furniture items can be left in place. Any WH rental pieces should be gathered in one area.  All customers receive a Customer Close Out Checklist in their customer portal or in provided documentation that fully documents requirements.  WH is happy to help clients clean the space after their events for a fee.

Will Whippoorwill Hill have someone on duty the entire time of our wedding?

Yes, we will have one of our Event Managers or one of our owners near by or at the farm while you, your vendors, or your guests are present. However, we do not wish to intrude upon your day unless completely necessary. Though we will be available to handle any facility issues that may arise during the event, our hope is that you will not even know we are there!

Do I have to hire a security guard?

We require collegiate parties or parties that are hosted by clients under 25 years of age to hire a security guard.  Otherwise, a security guard is not required to rent WH.

Can we leave cars in the parking lot overnight?

Yes, you may leave vehicles in the parking lot overnight. We want you and your guests to be safe. Vehicles left overnight must be picked up by 9:30 a.m. the following day. If cars are left beyond that time and pose a problem, they will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

When does everyone have to be off the property?

All guests must leave within half-an-hour of the event ending time. Staff, vendors, and all helpers must vacate two hours after the event ending time.

Whippoorwill Hill hours Sunday-Thursday are 10am-8pm, Friday and Saturday are 10am-11pm.

Can we leave items overnight?

Our policy is that everything must be removed at the end of customer’s rental period.  Please let us know if you need to request an exception to that policy.

Is there a place onsite to get ready?

Yes, the space that we have in close proximity to the barn is the Sanders Store. While you can’t see the Sanders Store from the barn it’s less than half of a mile straight line distance to the wedding venue.

Please stay tuned as we work to renovate the historic 1822 Tate-Tatum house into another Air Bnb type space for bridal preparation, overnights, agritourism, etc.

Is there heating and air conditioning at the barn?

Yes, the bathrooms, foyer, and kitchen have central heat and air.  The barn itself is not insulated, but is heated by temporary propane heaters and cooled with a fleet of Big Ass Fans and evaporative coolers.

Is Whippoorwill Hill handicapped accessible?

Yes, our venue is handicapped accessible and was designed with all customers in mind.  There is a handicapped parking lot directly adjacent to the wedding venue, and the barn features handicapped accessible restrooms designed to ADA requirements.  Additionally, outdoor wedding ceremonies can be held in such a way to include all mobility challenged guests.

Where would our ceremony take place?

Your ceremony can take place just about anywhere on the farm that you think would work best for you.  We can accommodate indoor, outdoor, or covered wedding ceremonies.  All of our arbors are moveable, so you can select your ceremony location and backdrop to make your event one of a kind and tailored to your vision.

Do we need to rent a dance floor?

No, you do not need to rent a dance floor.  Feel free to dance on the smooth concrete barn floor, on the porches, or rent a dance floor to your liking.