Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have exclusive contracts for any vendors?

We do not have exclusive contracts for any vendors. We want your special day to be exactly what you want. If you need help finding a quality vendor, please check out our Preferred Vendors Document. That document shares vendors that we have worked with that we believe do a fabulous job!

On the day of the event, can we walk around the entire farm?

Under no circumstances should a guest open a gate or cross a fence during an event. WH strictly prohibits access to all areas of the farm without prior consent.  Guests are welcome to walk around the areas of the farm that are not fenced.  Please be respectful of our crops, if they are up, and do not walk through them.

What parts of the farm are we able to utilize during the rental?

There are about 6 acres where the farmhouse, wedding barn, historic barn, natural spring, axillary structures, and parking lots are located. Those 6 acres are the most common place for guests to use for gatherings. Ceremonies and receptions can certainly be set up in different configurations, or in different areas on the farm with approval from WH staff.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed in or around the farm buildings. There is a designated smoking area near the natural spring (will make a temporary smoking area nearer the buildings in case of inclement weather), and this is the only place on the farm where smoking is allowable. This rule will be strictly enforced. For the safety of our historic barns, WH reserves the right to ask smokers to leave if they are not following this policy.   WH also will utilize the security deposit to remove butts from the property or repair any damage caused by smoking outside of the designated smoking area.

What if the venue is damaged during our rental?

The client is responsible for any and all damage to the event space or adjacent property. In most cases, the $500 deposit will cover the damage. In instances that it does not, WH will work with the customer to have the damaged property repaired.

What do we have to do at the end of the night before we leave?

The expectation is that the barn will be in the same state you received it.  All personal belongings, decor, lighting, and outside rental items must be packed up and removed from the property.  All trash must be gathered and placed in the on site dumpster.  WH tables, chairs, and other barn-owned furniture items can be left in place. Any WH rental pieces should be gathered in one area.

Will WH have someone on duty the entire time of our wedding?

Yes, we will have someone near by or at the farm while you, your vendors, or your guests are present. However, we do not wish to intrude upon your day unless completely necessary. Though we will be available to handle any facility issues that may arise during the event, our hope is that you will not even know we are there otherwise.

Do I have to hire a security guard?

We require collegiate parties or parties that are hosted by clients under 25 years of age to hire a security guard.  Otherwise, a security guard is not required to rent WH.

Can we leave cars in the parking lot overnight?

Yes, you may leave vehicles in the parking lot overnight. We want you and your guests to be safe. Vehicles left overnight must be picked up by 9:30 a.m. the following day. If cars are left beyond that time and pose a problem, they will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

When does everyone have to be off the property?

All guests must leave within half-an-hour of the event ending time. Staff, vendors, and all helpers must vacate two hours after the event ending time.

Whippoorwill Hill hours Sunday-Thursday are 10am-8pm, Friday and Saturday are 10am-11pm.

Can we leave items overnight?

Our policy is that everything must be removed at the end of the rental period, though we recognize that sometimes this can be difficult. Generally, the barn and all other rental spaces must be completely cleared out. Anything remaining at the barn for future pick-up must be placed in one area of the barn and removed the following morning before 10:00 a.m.   WH is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Permission must be requested to leave items overnight, and will likely only be granted if there is not an event the following day.

Is there a place onsite to get ready?

Unfortunately, at this time there is no allocated area at the farm for brides and grooms to get ready.  Previous weddings have set up small tents for groomsmen to hang out in before the ceremony or bridesmaids to congregate in and hide before the ceremony.  Please see our Preferred Vendors document for information on local Accommodations if you’d like a place to say and get ready.

Is there heating and air conditioning at the barn?

We do not have a heating and cooling system installed inside the barn. We recommend renting portable temporary heaters in cooler temperature or opening the 7 large sliding doors for ventilation in warmer temperatures—there is a lovely natural breeze through the barn when all doors are open.

Do you have some kind of transportation for handicapped guests or guests that struggle walking on unsmooth terrain who want to participate in the wedding?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a golf cart on site, but have a partner listed on our Preferred Vendor page for golf cart rental.

Where would our ceremony take place?

Your ceremony can take place just about anywhere on the farm that you think would work best for you. We have had weddings on a central hill on the farm, as it is close to the barn and provides epic views. There are options for ceremonies under a large tree, in the open field, or in front of the historic house or wedding barn. We have a great deal of open space from which to choose a ceremony location!   The barn is also appointed nicely for indoor ceremonies if it rains on your day.

Do we need to rent a dance floor?

You do not need to rent a dance floor.  Feel free to dance on the smooth concrete barn floor or rent a dance floor to your liking.

Is there a bathroom at the barn?

There is a luxury restroom trailer with three stalls (one of which is ADA compliant) at the barn with heated running water for hand washing, flushable toilets, and stocked soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.

Is there a sound system at the barn?

No. But please feel free to bring in your own speakers or visit our Preferred Vendors document for a list of preferred DJs or bands.

Can we set up outdoor games?

Absolutely! Make yourself at home!

Does Uber work at your farm?

Yes! We are thrilled to report that Uber and multiple taxicab companies provide transportation to and from our farm.